Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Place where History Repeats

Nozawa Onsen is a place steeped in history and tradition. To me it is like a true Shangri La from the moment you round the bend and the valley opens up to reveal the welcoming Village you know you are in a special part of the world.With its winding cobble streets and the steam rising along the paths it has an amazing mystical feel

The discovery of Nozawa Onsen remains a bit of a mystery. One story tells of a wounded bear revealing them to a hunter. Another claims a monk found the hot springs in the year 724.
Whichever the case, it was in the Edo Period when Nozawa became famous as a hot spring retreat. Wealthy traders and their families would make the trip from Tokyo to soak in the Hot Springs and take in the breath taking views and fresh Mountain air
Tradition is held as sacred to the Locals of Nozawa and to keep this alive and hand it down thru the generations festivals are a very important part of Village Life
There are many Festivals held throughout the year some have religious and traditional meanings some are just for fun, here is a list
Hope you can come up and stay with us sometime to enjoy them

Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort Festivals and Event Schedule

Dec. 22
Nozawa Onsen Opening Ceremony
Enjoy nabe and sake at the resort.

Every third Sunday of the month
Children’s Day
December to April primary school and younger kids ski free!

X-mas in Nozawa
Find Santa on the slopes! Christmas presents for the first 100 people who find Santa.

Dec.31-Jan. 1
Nozawa New Year
Night time ski will extend until 11:30pm

New Years Ceremony at the Temple in the Village

Jan. 4
Niko Niko Matsuri Opening Festival
Events at the Oyu-dori Stage.

Jan. 15
Dosojin Fire Festival
One of the biggest fire festivals in Japan!

Jan. 21 / Feb.18 / Mar.17
Ski with Olympic Athletes
Get out on the slopes with real Olympians!

Feb. 9
Jazz Festival in Nozawa
Niko Niko Matsuri: Enjoy some great Jazz.

Valentines Day in Nozawa
Enjoy chocolate fondue at the resort with that special someone.

Yuki-daruma Matsuri (Snowman Festival)
Snowmen (and women!) line the Onsen Street in Nozawa.

Jan. 25 / Feb. 25 / Mar. 25
Lady’s Day (Niko Niko Matsuri)
Specials for ladies at the resort restaurants.

Feb.17 / Mar.16
Nozawa Onsen Long Rail Challenge
Challenge the 30m-rail at the snow park.

Welcome Kokutai Festival
Niko Niko Matsuri events on Oyu-dori.

Mar. 9
Winter Night Candle Festival (Niko Niko Matsuri)
Enjoy sake, nabe, mini-concert, candle skiing and fireworks.

Mar. 14
White Day in Nozawa Onsen
White chocolate fondue at the resort!

Mar. 22
Family Festival (Niko Niko Matsuri)
Events at Oyu-dori Stage.

Mar. 30
Spring Skiing Opening Ceremony
Enjoy blue bird days at Nozawa!

Apr. 4-6
New Model Trial Day
Be the first to try 2008-9 model skis and snowboards!

Apr. 16

Ogama The Onsen Source Festival of the Gods

Aug 13-15

Obon Festival and Obon Dance

Aug 22-23

Avalanche Down Hill Mountain Bike Race

Sept 8-9

Yuzawa Shrine Lantern Festival

May-Oct every Sunday

Morning market selling local produce and handicrafts


Monday, August 10, 2009

Yokoso -Welcome

Welcome to our First Blog
Hope everyone who takes the time to visit will get something out of this so please let us know what you would like to see here
Should be able to let us know on the blog otherwise
Can email us comments to lodgenagano@gmx.net
We are still new to this too!!

Nozawa Onsen is a great destination in Winter when the cold winds blow across the vast Siberian Plains, hit the Sea of Japan and gather precipitation then dump lots of the amazing white stuff on the Alps of Japan and the Village of Nozawa Onsen

The Ski Season is however still a few months away so what can we discuss here until then?
Have a few ideas

- Nozawa is an interesting town all year round so hope to give some insight into what goes on during the other 3 Seasons
From farming to fishing and markets to mountain biking there is something for everyone

- Any past guests or visitors to the area are welcome to post information on their trips. Hopefully will give people thinking of coming this way a heads up on some useful information

- Hope to introduce a few of the colorful characters around town and even though there is only 4000 inhabitants there are lots of characters!

- Through this also hope to give some insight into the history of this magic spot and the area

- Good time to learn some Japanese so we may throw in the odd phrase or lesson so you can impress your fellow travelers when you hit Japan

- Any other fun, funky or hopefully fascinating information we can share with you

Anyway the journey continues, thanks for being part of the ride

Please check out or websites anytime for some more information on the resort, our lodges, how to get here and more